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Scottie and his Senior Moments People think of seniors in many ways; characteristically, not as founders of the craft beer movement.Love it. In truth, we pioneered this Movement, with other beer lovers, none of whom knew each other existed ‘till Spinnakers opened with John Mitchell as landlord behind the bar. The best beer stories of my life come suddenly with good beer. Immediately, all the real Victoria aficionados, we all found each other.
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Beer League Part I: pro sports marketing meets craft beer culture

Everybody knows that beer is married to sports. The historic correlation between the two is obvious; sponsorship of about every pro sports team in the Western world by giant beer companies is a given. Depending on your age, you’ve seen decades of marketing featuring ex-jocks who will gladly tell you the right beer Tastes Great and/or is Less Filling.
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Homebrew Happenin’s: Keep it Simple, Homebrewers

While contemplating what I wanted to write about for this issue I started thinking about my first brews back when I was a first-time homeowner on a budget. Then I started thinking about other home-brewers I know and what they made for their first several brews. Then it came to me. Way too many people make the same move and I believe they are doing themselves a disservice. (Note-for purposes of this column I will assume that you have moved on from kits and are diving into all-grain).
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Coastal Currents

For many craft beer lovers in urban areas, having an almost-overwhelming selection of great BC beers to choose from is a given. When I lived on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, I had both St Augustine’s, with their (at that time) 40-plus taps, and Tangent Café, with their 14 taps, within 300 metres of my front door. Not to mention that I had two amazing, craft beer-oriented private liquor stores within five minutes’ walk stocking hundreds of great craft beer selections.
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