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J. Random

J. Random

J. Random has been penning the Ullage & Spillage column for What's Brewing since 2003.

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Is that a taster bat in the corner? Why yes!

Ullage & Spillage

By J. Random on

Instinctual Beer Tourism in Seoul So, the Daedonggang this British-Canadian was sipping in an Italian restaurant in D-Cube City was not produced by the North Korean regime, as Google had suggested, but was in fact a Danish-Belgian… Continue Reading

Ullage and Spillage

By J. Random on

It's R&B, But Better! R&B Brewing is back baby! If you want proof, crack open a bottle of their Vancouver Special IPA and smell the hop aroma. Of course, die-hard friends of R&B know they… Continue Reading

But I’m Not Bitter

By J. Random on

With a few exceptions, notably Baldwin and Cooper’s Best Bitter from Howe Sound, the BC craft brewing industry was reluctant to use the word bitter for about the first 20 years of its history.  Many… Continue Reading

Session Beers and India Session Ales

By J. Random on

Ullage and Spillage What is a session beer? According to that font of all knowledge, Wikipedia, a definition of 4.5% ABV or less has been proposed by beer writer Lew Bryson. I would heartily support… Continue Reading

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