General FAQ

What is What’s Brewing?

What’s Brewing is a magazine about the craft beer movement in BC, Canada. It is a full-colour publication that is free of charge to view in digital format via Web or mobile app, using all types of devices from tablets to smartphones to desktop. It can also be found as a glossy magazine in numerous taprooms and craft beer outlets around BC. It can even be self-printed for offline reading, preferably alongside a nice pint. is its companion website, which supports the magazine, provides content in web format, as well as ongoing content, craft beer community news and announcements.

How long has it been around?

What’s Brewing (in BC, Canada) began in 1990 as the newsletter for BC’s primary craft beer society, the Campaign For Real Ale Society of BC. Find out more about our history and background.

What is the magazine about?

What’s Brewing features great original beer writing from front to back. We feature craft beer community contributions and spotlight some of the best recent articles by BC beer bloggers and authors in order to help bring attention to the craft beer movement as well as the writing talent that exists in BC and Western Canada. WB also acts as a platform for BC craft beer community news and announcements.

I’m already plugged into the craft beer social community. How is this better than a bunch of links to beer blogs?

What’s Brewing is a magazine, and is therefore a different reading experience than blogs, status posts or tweets.

Blogs, many of which are fantastic, do absolutely no good if readers don’t remember to visit them and don’t have some type of feed that alerts them when new stories are waiting. Some folks are not monitoring beer blogs constantly, or may miss that timely Facebook post notifying them of a great story. WB works well for everyone who likes to read articles, especially those who prefer that stories worth reading are compiled and presented to them in a curated format.

Isn’t there already a BC Beer Magazine?

Not per se. There used to be a BC craft beer newspaper, and we miss it. There are also plenty of beer magazines that originate from south of the border, although they aren’t often found around these parts. Here in BC, we are fortunate to be the focus of a craft beer handbook, which we very much admire and treasure, and we’re not in any way wishing to compete with. But as for an actual journal or magazine, this is it. Hopefully we can all get behind it!

Where can people read it?

This very website features numerous links with which to view What’s Brewing:

Do you circulate printed copies?

What’s Brewing is an Electronic Magazine, meaning that its primary home is online. However, WB is also available in print as a glossy magazine via the following means:

I’m an advertiser and I need to know more about who is reading this and why I should advertise.

See the Advertiser FAQ here.

Do you make a profit? Where does the money go?

What’s Brewing is a community initiative business and is not about profit. Our goal is simply to be financially self-sustaining, so that BC can have its own Craft Beer Magazine. Revenues from advertising are directed toward printing and production costs.

If advertising revenue growth allows, our printed circulation will expand, allowing authors and advertisers to be seen by a greater audience, in turn stimulating further growth.

Do you need any help?

Now you’re talking. Of course we need contributors (see Author FAQ here). But we are also looking for like-minded community members who would like to plug in to our Web and social media properties and help spread the word about #craftbeer in BC. Anyone who wants to turn their passion for craft beer in a force for community benefit, hop on board. Write

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