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What’s Brewing Fall 2020

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What's Brewing Fall 2020

About This Issue

Vol. 30 No. 3 Fall 2020 is our Coping With COVID issue. It’s all about pulling people together in a time of distancing.


The magazine’s 48 pages contain 18 stories and features, including:

  • A Pivotal Moment: Our Virtual Industry Roundtable
    Breweries compare notes on adapting to a pandemic. | Page 08
  • Craft Beer Superfans: An Influencer Meetup 
    Bloggers, podcasters and beerstagrammers get the word out about supporting local. | Page 16
  • After Ten Years: Still Here For The Beer
    What’s Brewing Biography presents Canada’s longest-running beer radio show. | Page 11
  • Drinking Smart In Isolation:
    • Tasting Panel: Cocooning In Session
      A selection of moderate ABV beers. | Page 22
    • Street Legal: Cutting back on booze, not beer | Page 19
  • Kelowna’s Emerging Beer Districts
    8 pages of coverage from BC’s new beer hotspot | Page 28
Plus these closer looks:
  • Delivering The Goods in Quarantine with Jeff Nairn
  • Susi Foerg Gets Reel with Lundy Dale
  • Simon Welton Brings Back British Beer by Adam Chatburn
  • Homebrew Happenin’s: Brew shops are busy during COVID by Warren Boyer
    plus our Hop Spotlight on Bramling Cross by J. Random
And these Travel & Regional Reports:
  • Touring in a Time of Change
  • Community, Collaboration and Craft in the North
  • Striking Gold in Kamloops
  • Coming Home To Penticton
  • Brewing Up New Memories in the East Kootenays
  • Tapping the West: Alberta gets its own beer book

Tell your friends! Then open a brew, kick back and read about craft beer. Check it out!

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