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Scottie and his Senior Moments

People think of seniors in many ways; characteristically, not as founders of the craft beer movement.Love it.

In truth, we pioneered this Movement, with other beer lovers, none of whom knew each other existed ‘till Spinnakers opened with John Mitchell as landlord behind the bar. The best beer stories of my life come suddenly with good beer. Immediately, all the real Victoria aficionados, we all found each other.

Those good old times had just started; we had CAMRA evolving; meetings in Pioneer-Beer Victoria ; all word of mouth; fighting for variety, selection, choice, flavor, the works.  We took abuse; mocking; and insulting behaviour, just for openers. Tough sluggin’ looking for real beers; asking for it, demanding it.

Victoria oldsters are still gathered close in this new beer generation explosion. Our Voice was and still is What’s Brewing. Make it Real for me.

Beer Fest in Victoria I see hundreds of you about the crowd; always great to catch up. See you on the road somewhere.

Scottie McLellan


Parksville Untapped, Feb 2016

I never miss this event. It’s civilized, entertaining, and showcases what’s shaking in the region. Great high end foods, excellent Beach Club staff. Every year more and more beer folks; lots of great questions; lots of great ales.

This year’s breweries of interest: Hoyne, Red Truck, Driftwood, Howe Sound, Red Arrow; White Sails, Steamworks, Central City, 4 Mile, Stanley Park, Vancouver Island, Whistler, Longwood, Phillips, Russell, Tofino, Wolf, OK Springs. Let’s say each one of these had a beer I would certainly drink.

A new trend at festivals is more and more cider and hard liquor. Still we concentrate on the beer and cider and thanks to all who participated. Parksville-region beer is on the go. At this event there is a rating sheet for beers by consumers; which is fun for consumers; while tasting of course. Good show: Beach Club Resort.


Scottie McLellan

Scottie is a craft beer industry member and longtime supporter of of BC’s Craft Beer Movement. He has written for What's Brewing for over a quarter century.

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