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Tasting Rooms: The Importance of Crafting Experience

By Mike Ansley
  • January 3, 2019
A tasting room is a “live experiential” marketing strategy. It is the place where consumers can experience a brewery’s ethos and connect to it in person. It’s where all the facets of a brand’s “personality” come together. This may sound obvious, but few breweries actually take this into consideration; many treat the tasting room as a design afterthought.
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Penticton: Craft Beer Town

By Kim Lawton
  • December 13, 2018
When the Okanagan comes to mind, many people think of sun-drenched vineyards, warm sandy beaches, and farm-fresh produce. What more and more people are learning is that in the heart of the region lies Penticton, one of BC’s best craft beer towns.
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Prague: Old & New

By Beer Seekers
  • November 29, 2018
In Czechia, as it’s alternatively known, you will find beer culture that is completely unlike ours. These people are, famously, the most fanatical consumers of beer (per capita) anywhere.
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On The Road Summer 2018

By Scottie McLellan
  • September 1, 2018
I attend this festival every year. Kelowna folk are a beer-educated bunch. The weather co-operated for this annual showcase, which spills out on the waterfront. It’s an upbeat location for an event.
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