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Cream Of The Crop: The North Island’s Cream Ales

As a recent transplant to the North Island community of Comox, I had fun in the fall, social-distance visiting the local breweries. I noticed that a big seller was cream ale—both Gladstone Brewing and Land & Sea Brewing were serving it as fast as they could make it. Even Dave Paul’s nano-operation Love Shack Libations in Qualicum keeps a cream ale as one of his four core beers.
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Did 2020 Impact BC Brewery Growth?

Did COVID kill craft beer’s momentum? Is this wave of the craft beer revolution over? The returns are in: 2020 could have been a lot worse. With the opening of La Cerveceria Astilleros, BC avoids recording the first year since 2013 with fewer than 20 brewery openings. Find out how that fits into the big picture of the #BCCraftBeer revolution in this special look at 2020.
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Just Desserts: Six Rich, Dark Beers for Winter

Every three months, What’s Brewing gets together with JAK’S Beer Wine Spirits to create a new installment of our Tasting Panel series. This episode, for the first time ever, we reviewed six winter-ready rich, dark dessert beers! Also check out our live Virtual Tasting Panel as they Zoom in on our six-pack of beers in a new @PacificBeerChat podcast episode.
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BC Craft Beer Magazine Releases Winter Issue

Vol. 30 No. 4 Winter 2020 is the Virtual Beerality issue of What's Brewing magazine. In it, contributors and industry panelists explore the present and immediate future of BC craft beer as breweries deal with COVID-related societal change, virtual events, a shift away from the community hub, and surviving what might be the hardest winter the hospitality industry will see in generations.
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