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BC Craft Beer Magazine Releases Winter Issue

Vol. 30 No. 4 Winter 2020 is the Virtual Beerality issue of What’s Brewing magazine. In it, contributors and industry panelists explore the present and immediate future of BC craft beer as breweries deal with COVID-related societal change, virtual events, a shift away from the community hub, and surviving what might be the hardest winter the hospitality industry will see in generations.


The magazine contains 17 stories and features, including:


  • p.6 Virtual Beerality: Our industry panel
  • p.10 Ullage & Spillage: The Future of Craft Beer In BC
  • p.11 Business Of Beer: Measuring the Impact of 2020
  • p.12 Vancity Craft Bros.: Living Within A Social Bubble
  • p.15 Virtual Conferencing: Major Beer Events Go Online
  • p.37 The State Of Events in 2020: Events Panel
  • p.22 Women Of Beer: Samantha Lindeman of Wildeye Brewing
  • p.28 Living Here: West Kootenay Brewers Craft for Community


  • p.24 Have Camera Will Travel: Breweries of the Far West
  • p.27 Northern Notes: Northern Craft in Changing Times
  • p.31 Beers, Beaches & Breweries: Winter in the Okanagan


  • p.16 What’s Brewing Tasting Panel: Dessert Beers
  • p.32 A View From The Cellar: Cream (Ale) of the Crop
  • p.33 Homebrew Happenin’s: Uorren’s Imperial Stout
  • p.33 Brew Club Corner: BC HOMEBREW CLUB LISTING
  • p.38 Books In Review: A Natural History of Beer

Tell your friends! Then open a brew, kick back and read about craft beer. Check it out!

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