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Cider vs. Cider II: A BC Craft Cider Showdown

By What's Brewing
  • March 24, 2020
Every three months, What’s Brewing gets together with JAK’S Liquor Stores to create a new installment of our Tasting Panel series. Just over a month ago, for the second time ever, we reviewed a batch of BC Craft Ciders! JAK’S took us on a wild ride of cider styles, including the ones seen here. Some of these ciders are available for home delivery. Check out who took our blue ribbon in our Spring Tasting Panel:
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BC’s Biggest Celebration of Cider Expands Outdoors

By What's Brewing
  • February 21, 2020
The 4th annual BC Cider Festival comes to #NorthVancouver's Shipyards Brewery District as part of BC Cider Week 2020 on Sunday, May 24th. This year they've expanded outside the beautiful Pipe Shop building to add a family-friendly public area with music, food, activities and cider!
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In Profile: Ravens Brewing Co.

By What's Brewing
  • December 5, 2019
People may not realize what an award-winning brewery Ravens Brewing Company is. Head Brewer Dan Marriette (pictured) has good reason to be proud, given their continued strong performance in the medal races. But that's not all there is to Ravens. In this spotlight, we find out more about the brewery from team member John DeJong.
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In Profile: Dead Frog Brewery

By What's Brewing
  • November 7, 2019
After 10 years as Backwoods Brewing, Dead Frog Brewery debuted in June 2007 with founder Derrick Smith's recipe for a Nut Brown Ale. Now, his son Cole (above) is head brewer. Let’s get to know what has changed at Dead Frog.
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