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The Triumphant Return of Victoria Beer Week

By Ted Child
After two long years, April 2022 marked the triumphant return of Victoria Beer Week. Many brewers, owners, and industry heavyweights were present, happy to chat and eager to show off their new brews. Humans are social beings and beer is the great facilitator of socialising and community. If there is a beer event being held near you, I would suggest you take a chance and go, because if it is anything like Victoria Beer Week 2022 was for me, you won’t regret it.
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Farm-Based Locality Becomes Langley’s Eighth Craft Brewery

By Beer Seekers
They can grow their own barley, wheat and rye. They can malt their own grain. They produce their own honey and berries for brewing with, and there's a hop yard out back. Meet the team behind Locality Brewing, making and serving super-solid beers as they grow towards being Langley's field-to-glass brewery.
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Meet Robin Miles of Dog Mountain Brewing

By Lundy Dale
I first met Robin in 2018 at a VanBrewers meetup. Right from this first meeting Robin struck me as a high energy go-getter who knew what she wanted and knew how to get it.
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Four Winds Brewing Co.

By Navin Autar
We are a small craft brewery in Delta BC focusing on West coast, Belgian and innovative styles of beers. New world innovation while staying true to old-world techniques. Family owned and operated.
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#BCBeerCon Goes Virtual: Q&A With Ken Beattie

By What's Brewing
The BC Craft Brewers Guild is set to present their fourth annual BC Craft Brewers Conference in early February 2021 in virtual format. Tickets are on sale now. To find out more about how the conference will work, we had a word with the Guild's Executive Director, Ken Beattie.
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Northern BC Community, Collaboration And Craft

By Adam Arthur
It has been quite the unusual year in Northern BC. Normally there would be craft beer festivals taking place. To counteract the COVID-19 blues, people are finding new ways to engage in the spirit of community, collaboration and craft.
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