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What’s NOT Brewing: Putting a Name To Craft Cider

A quick visit to your favourite liquor store reveals the confusion around cider: is it proper craft cider or not? It’s unfortunate that cider drinkers have to rifle through the alco-pop selection to get to their favourite craft cider. Even more unfortunate is that cider is still categorized among these Ready To Drink (RTD) beverages by the taxation overlords of our alcohol distribution and sales monopoly in the province.
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Why Brewing Awards Matter

Watch a brewer that just won an award and you’ll see nothing but happiness and excitement. Those honours can make difference between living hand-to-mouth and growing one’s brand exponentially. But not everybody shares their joy. That gets me thinking: it’s time I addressed the elephant in the room when it comes to awards events.  
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End of an Era for Great Canadian Craft Beer Legends

This past Monday, the Great Canadian Beer Festival Society announced the passing of the torch from the current Directors (including co-founders) of GCBF to the Victoria Beer Week Society. It’s a bittersweet feeling knowing that this day has finally come. But it had to come, given that GCBF began a quarter century ago.
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Strange Fellows Brewing’s Christine Moulson: Brand & Story Teller

If you have visited Vancouver’s Strange Fellows Brewing or purchased a bottle of their beer, you may have noticed the unique block-print-style images that create the “look” of Strange Fellows. Meet Christine Moulson, the creative mastermind behind the branding, and a partner for life in the brewery in more than one way.
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