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U-Brews: forgotten members of the BC craft beer community

As the craft beer revolution has exploded over the last 5 years, it has had a mixed effect on U-Brews. The surrounding creativity has inspired them to raise their game and learn new styles, but they have lost overall market share. But some key members of the BC brewing community got their start in U-Brews and fondly recall their time there.
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A Tale Of Two Cideries

Regardless of where a cidery in BC sits on the production spectrum, their product is lumped in with the Refreshment (RTD) category. All cider products—foreign or domestic, mass-produced cider-flavoured cocktails or locally produced, truly 100% BC products— are classified this way. They’re all lumped in with alcoholic sodas, Caesar cocktails, and wine spritzers.
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Mid-Island Brewery Touring: A Cross-Section Of Paradise

When we think of paradise, we think of faraway destinations with exotic food, drink and landscapes. For a beer lover, this could be in the bars of Prague, the monastery breweries of Belgium, or the urban breweries along the banks of the Willamette River in Portland. Or, closer to home, the scenic spas and unique breweries of Vancouver Island.
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