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Ullage & Spillage: Riot Is Their Life

Aly Tomlin and Ralf Rosenke decided early on they would retain control of their dream brewery, no matter what it took, and it took a lot out of them. The enormous grins on their faces today when you turn up at Riot Brewing are a joy to see for those of us occasionally exposed over the last 7 years to their brief flashes of welcoming smile, rapidly sliding off their lips followed by the refrain “still plugging away”.
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Have Camera, Will Travel: Shining a Light on Pemberton

Along the breathtaking, world class scenic Sea to Sky Highway (99) there are many distractions - velvety snow capped mountains dropping into Howe Sound, waterfalls cascading down glistening granite cliffs and beautiful emerald colored Howe Sound itself. After traveling forty five minutes from Vancouver you pass through Squamish, with three award winning breweries. Tempting as it may be to  stop here  - there is so much more ahead.
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Raising a Generation of Brewers at Kwantlen Polytechnic University

The Brewing and Brewery Operations diploma program launched at the KPU Langley campus in 2014. As the BC craft beer industry rapidly expanded, so did the need for qualified, well educated staff. In 2013 KPU responded to this need by putting together an industry advisory council with the intent of not only providing a option for education in BC but also to develop a curriculum that met the specific needs of the local industry. Building a state-of-the-art brewery on campus was essential for the program to provide a place for the students to develop hands-on skills in addition to academic theory during the two year program.
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National Geographic Atlas of Beer

Christmas has come early for beer travelers in the form of National Geographic’s Atlas of Beer. Make sure your passport is in order before you crack this book, as it’s Ph.D authors explore beer in a way only National Geographic can. This book will ignite your love of the strange, local oddities of beer around the world, whether it be Curitiba’s Bodebrown Wee Heavy, Osaka’s Yuzu Ale, South Africa’s “original craft beer” Umqombothi, Tanzania’s banana beer Mbege, or even Atacama’s fog beer.
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Beers, Beaches & Breweries: Winter in the Okanagan

Winter came early this year in the Okanagan. As I write this, it’s cold and the snow is falling. There is lots of snow up in the mountains and our local ski hills will soon be filled with people strapping on skis, snowboards and snowshoes. As the snow falls, breweries are getting ready to launch their big, rich winter ales, perfect for the cold days ahead.
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