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How The History of BC Craft Beer is Especially Relevant in 2020

WHAT'S BREWING 30TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE TELLS STORY OF BC CRAFT BEER | | What's Brewing Vol. 30 No. 2 Summer 2020, released June 1st, celebrates the publication's 30th Anniversary.  For this special issue, we’ve reached out to 30 craft beer community leaders for stories and memories. We've compiled a new history of BC Craft Beer with previously-unpublished images and vignettes, formatted chronologically into a seamless story arc, along with a special 'roll call' tribute acknowledging every microbrewery opened in this province since 1982.
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Craft Beer Capital to host 25th Annual Beer Fest and 4th Annual Beer Run

The Okanagan Fest of Ale, one of BC’s longest running beer festivals, is celebrating 25 incredible years this year. The milestone anniversary Okanagan Fest of Ale is “Kickin’ it Old School”, taking things back to 1996 in what promises to be the biggest craft beer celebration the Okanagan has ever seen.
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A Brief, Opinionated, History Of Cider

From our Spring 2020 magazine, aka The Cider Issue: Longtime columnist J. Random breaks down the history of cider from Europe to British Columbia. --- About the time our ancestors came down from the trees, they developed a taste—or at least tolerance—for the alcohol that naturally develops in rotting fruit. These evolving hunter-gatherers might have fermented a beverage from collected fruit well before agriculture.
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Cider vs. Cider II: A BC Craft Cider Showdown

Every three months, What’s Brewing gets together with JAK’S Liquor Stores to create a new installment of our Tasting Panel series. Just over a month ago, for the second time ever, we reviewed a batch of BC Craft Ciders! JAK’S took us on a wild ride of cider styles, including the ones seen here. Some of these ciders are available for home delivery. Check out who took our blue ribbon in our Spring Tasting Panel:
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The Class of ’94: Sailor Hagar’s Heyday

As part of our 30th Anniversary, What's Brewing spotlights some of BC's beer pioneers. In The Class Of '94 series, we introduce you to some key BC brewmasters who started up a celebrated brewery in the year 1994 and began to push the boundaries of BC brewing. As head brewer at Central City Brewers & Distillers, Gary Lohin has had a distinguished career in beer. But he first had the chance to run his own show at Metro Vancouver’s first brewpub: Sailor Hagar’s.
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