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BC College to Debut Brewing Education Program This Fall

By Adam Chatburn
For the past three years, I’ve been fortunate to be a Craft Beer and Brewing Essentials instructor at Simon Fraser University. Last year, I was approached by North Island College in Comox to help build a new Craft Brewing and Malting program from scratch. The online courses start this September, three evenings per week (with the hands-on course moved to 2021). This means that anyone could take this year’s courses, not just local Islanders.
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Victoria Caledonian: Distilling success at one of BC’s hidden gem breweries

By Beer Seekers
Last month, just before the world changed, two members of the What’s Brewing team stopped by the Victoria Caledonian Distillery & Twa Dogs Brewery. We learned a few things about this underestimated member of BC’s craft beverage clan that are worth sharing. * Featuring an interview with founder Dr. Graeme Macaloney *
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Cultivating BC’s Taste for Craft Cider

By Dave Smith
When it comes to the cider scene in BC, those who operate fruit orchards tend to stick together. Based primarily in the province’s pastoral belts, these small operators make cider, at least in part, from their own fruit. Founded in 2016, the BC Farm Crafted Cider Association acts as a voice for these land-based cider producers.
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Seven Years of Victoria Beer Week: A Conversation With Joe Wiebe

By What's Brewing
Victoria Beer Week debuted in 2014 as a celebration of modern beer culture in Canada’s original craft beer town. To find out more about what to expect at some of this year’s events, we connected with BC beer writer and longtime VBW team member Joe Wiebe.
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Mid-Island Brewery Touring: A Cross-Section Of Paradise

By Brian K. Smith
When we think of paradise, we think of faraway destinations with exotic food, drink and landscapes. For a beer lover, this could be in the bars of Prague, the monastery breweries of Belgium, or the urban breweries along the banks of the Willamette River in Portland. Or, closer to home, the scenic spas and unique breweries of Vancouver Island.
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