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Left Fields’ Chef Dave & the Craft Sodas

David Colombe, soda syrup creator
David Colombe, soda syrup creator

In this story, we profiled Crannóg Ales and their farm. Left Fields is not just a hopyard for a brewery; it’s a real, honest-to-goodness farm that grows the goodies you see above, on display at the Sorrento public market.

You can see a fellow (Nick) in the album below, pouring something from a keg at the market. Despite the appearance, it’s not beer. It’s a non-alcoholic soda drink, flavoured with syrups made from organic fruit grown at Left Fields.

The fruit sodas are the brainchild of David Colombe, the farm’s resident chef. When Crannóg puts on a brewery dinner, Dave is the man with the meal plan. Turns out he’s got a sweet idea that’s got people thirsty for more.

By serving Left Fields fresh fruit syrups with CO2 via a keg or soda system, you get a handcrafted soft cocktail that’s naturally refreshing. We tried the rhu­barb, sour cherry and raspberry while we were there, and can confirm that they’re addictive. It’s fun to drink some­thing like this, free of excessive sugar.

Dave met Rebecca and Brian as a fan of their beer at the Great Canadian Beer Festival (where countless people have become temporary best friends). As a chef in a restaurant that served Crannóg ales, Colombe started build­ing recipes around their beers. Over the years a real friendship grew; even­tually David and Angela were mar­ried on Rebecca and Brian’s property.

Dave and his wife Angela now live in, and operate a B&B from a house known as ‘The Ark’ on a property directly adjoin­ing the farm. Because of this, a visit to Crannóg can be an overnight affair! Guests are optionally treated to meals right from the chef’s kitchen.

As a beer fan, you’ll want your visit to coincide with a tour of the brewery. This only happens on Fridays and Saturdays; book your tour at

Rates at The Ark are extremely reasonable. For more info, contact Angela and David Colombe at

The Ark at Left Fields:
702 Elson Road, Sorrento BC
Tel: 250-833-8665


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