East Van’s Own Odd Society Spirits Releases New ‘Ginger’ Beer

From Scout Magazine

The GOODS from Odd Society Spirits

Vancouver, BC | Sharp on the tongue and straight to the point, Ginger by Odd Society Spirits is the real deal. This locally crafted ginger beer, made with fermented organic sugar and fresh ginger, is extremely refreshing with a satisfying finish. Simply made with water, organic sugar, yeast, chilli peppers, dried orange peel, and fresh ginger, lemon and lime, Ginger is light, balanced and perfectly spicy. Odd Society’s locally made ginger beer is 4% alcohol, packaged in tall-cans and sold in four-packs, making it an excellent addition to cheeky afternoon sips and chill evening get-togethers.

“I’m a brewer by trade and inspired by fermentation, my aim was to create a refreshing beverage without adding unnecessary alcohol, just what occurs organically,” says Joel McNichol, brewer and distiller at Odd Society Spirits. “The challenge was to create a unique fermented beverage that can stand alone as well as accompany our spirits. A real ginger beer was a natural choice.”

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