Couples Share Advice on Running a Brewery and a Business


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Being married can be a lot like running an independent craft brewery — it’s a passionate labor of love that requires time, engagement, strong communication and trust in others. Imagine running a craft brewery with the person you’re married to.

In honor of the Valentine’s Day, we ask beer power couples share their advice for staying in love and in business.

Deborah and Dan Carey, New Glarus Brewing | New Glarus, Wisconsin


Deborah and Dan were married for a decade before they started New Glarus Brewing, during which they say they learned to understand and respect each other’s strengths, weaknesses and work rhythms through projects like remodeling and construction.

“We have a clear division of labor,” Deborah says. “Dan is equipment engineering, raw materials, process and recipe. I am building design, investors, finance, distribution, marketing legislative and legal matters. We work collaboratively on the beer calendar and personnel issues. Whoever is charge has the final say.”

Deborah and Dan run their world based on four rules: 1. Respect each other; 2. Date each other; 3. Maintain a sense of humor; 4. Enjoy the journey.

“People would be surprised how fast we move together — like a left and right hand in harmony — because of trust, checked egos and clear communication,” Dan says. “Can I add that I’m married to the kindest, smartest, most patient, least judgmental and hardest working person I know?”

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