Cask Goes Virtual to Get Breweries into Cans

From Cask Global Canning Solutions, by Marty Jones. Photo: Dan Braaten on the left, Cole Smith holding the laptop and our man Terry Farrell on the screen.

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To work around global travel restrictions and help its customers earn revenue during the COVID-19 crisis, Cask Global Canning Solutions has just completed its first “virtual” canning system installations.

To make these five installations happen, Cask hustled together a new team of three installers who delivered phone and video-chat help, and five more Cask staffers who worked behind the scenes to build an online portal of training videos and other resources.

Dead Frog Brewing (in British Columbia, Canada) recently commissioned its new Cask Automated System V5 via Cask’s new virtual program. The effort took place in six hours of time over two days. Longtime Cask installer Terry Farrell headed up the virtual effort for Cask.

“The virtual install and training were perfect for us,” says Dan Braaten, Dead Frog’s production manager. “We were up and running smoothly in just a couple days and the canning line is amazing.” Cole Smith, Dead Frog’s head brewer, agrees. “The virtual systems Cask set up because of the COVID situation” Smith says, “are great. And Terry was awesome and a wealth of knowledge.”

The virtual commissioning enabled these breweries to get beer into cans at a time when packaged beer sales are often a brewery’s only source of revenue due to the pandemic.

“More than ever,” says Dawn Lutz, Cask’s Director of Customer Success, “our customers need to get their products in cans and out to their customers. So we’ve adapted our service model to make that happen.”

The virtual team spent two weeks preparing for these new virtual installs. “There were some long days and some late nights,” Lutz says, “and it’s been a digital construction zone here for a couple weeks. But we pulled it all together.”

Cask’s new virtual program will be used for more upcoming installations. When travel and social distancing restrictions are removed, Cask will conduct on-site visits with each of these virtual customers if needed.

While this new-tech effort has been crucial help for new Cask customers during the COVID-19 situation, it has also been a plus for Cask’s customer-service team.

“We’ve really been inspired,” Lutz says, “by how consumers have rallied behind their favorite breweries and how brewers have dug in and found creative ways to get through this. That’s been a big motivation for us to do whatever we can to help craft brewers during these turbulent times.”

Dead Frog’s team is happy for that help. “The machine has run every day since the install,” Smith says, “and it runs like a dream.”

This year Cask — the inventors of micro-canning for craft brewers — is celebrating 20 years of its revolutionizing of craft beverage packaging around the world.

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Canada’s Cask Deputizes Installers During COVID-19 Crisis

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