Big breweries consider ad campaign reminding America to drink beer

From The Takeout, by Kate Bernot

You might think beer is the most American of beverages, but the industry has lately been losing ground to wine and spirits. Much of the talk at beer-industry conferences lately has focused on “elevating beer” as a whole rather than worrying only about an individual brewery’s slice of the pie. A rising beer tide lifts all ships, the thinking goes.

That was the premise behind a proposed ad campaign set to be funded by some of the world’s largest beer makers: Heineken, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Constellation, and Molson Coors. Executives from the four companies met early last year to discuss what The Wall Street Journal describes as a “Got Milk?”-style, brand-neutral ad campaign to convince Americans to buy beer. The hours-long meeting at a hotel in Virginia focused on how beer can regain its market share when spirits, wine, and cocktails are perceived as more sophisticated.

But there’s a new monkey wrench in the discussions: Bud Light’s Super Bowl ads.

Bud Light’s Super Bowl ad jeopardizes Big Beer alliance


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  1. AB InBev have got quite the nerve to knock corn syrup when they openly boast about using rice on the Bud Light can.

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