Big Alcohol Is Bracing for a More Sober Future

From Bon Appétit, by JULIA BAINBRIDGE


People are drinking less and less as non-alcoholic beverages flood the market. Now the alcohol industry wants in.

I grab a menu at the bar. I see a list of twelve cocktails. I see two types of tea. I see sparkling water. I see Coca-Cola.

“What drinks do you serve without alcohol?”

The bartender points me back to the list, which I review as a formality before asking if there’s anything else. “Maybe a mixed drink?”

“We could make an Arnold Palmer. Do you know what an Arnold Palmer is? Or a Shirley Temple?”

I’ve engaged in this kind of negotiation many times, as have many others who want something more adult than a mixture of ginger ale, grenadine, and a Twizzler-colored cherry. But the good news for us is that the drinking landscape is changing.

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