Best of the City Dining 2017: CRAFT Beer Market

From Westender, by Rob Mangelsdorf

GM Franny Roberts, right, and sales manager Jessica Singh beside some of CRAFT’s 152 taps. Photograph By DAN TOULGOET

CRAFT taps into community

It’s hard to argue with the readers of the Westender on this one. CRAFT Beer Market in Olympic Village not only has the best craft beer selection in the city, they have more taps then any other establishment in the entire country. One-hundred and fifty-two, to be exact.

Yes, you read that correctly: 152 frickin’ draft taps.

The beer menu at CRAFT spans the globe, covering everything from Belgian Trappist ales to gluten-free ginger beer. And the taps are always rotating, so you’re guaranteed to find something new there.

“We’re constantly testing out new products and seasonals,” says general manager Franny Roberts. “IPAs are still our most popular style, especially hazy IPAs and double IPAs.”

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