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What’s Brewing Fall 2019 Issue Release: must-read previews

Hey #BCCraftBeer Fan,

Spread the word. The latest issue of our quarterly magazine is online, and it’s an impressive one! Its 17 stories and features include some thought-inspiring topics.

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Our cover story  features a cool little brewery in Coquitlam that you probably didn’t know much about, other than maybe a few of their beers. Turns out that there is an interesting story behind Mariner Brewing. And that’s exactly why we do our What’s Brewing Biography series—we love that our platform lets us weave deeper tales about the people of BC Craft Beer than any other media outlet, period. This time ’round, we’ve turned out a 3300 word profile called “Destination:Exploration”. Find out how some crafty science fans have set a course for ongoing beer discovery.  🗺️ 

We also love our covers, including this issue’s above, which features Mariner’s founding couple but is actually centred on a mysterious glass of beer. There is a luminescent red glow around the vessel, complementing the distinctive colour of the liquid they’ve discovered. As you’ll find out in the story, that particular brew was a byproduct of Mariner’s weekly beer exploration series (see the accompanying beer review on our sister site, Beer Me BC). Shout out to WB team members Navin Autar for his help on the cover art, and Brian K. Smith for the photo shoot.

This round we have contributions from a couple of special guests. Leif Miltenberger manages Hired Guns Creative, whose experience handling branding for beer and beverage alcohol clients has led them to create a really cool interactive BC brewery list and branding guide. Meanwhile, Dustan Sept of Beer Me BC is well known in the BC craft community for writing marketing analyses, and his latest essay takes a closer look at trends in BC beer production and sales. Check out his observations about the direction craft beer is heading.

Also in the Business of Beer category, Adam Chatburn talks about how sales of growlers (the jug, not the guidebook) seem to be tapering off. Turns out he was at the table when a key conversation was being held that may have affected the format’s fate.

Kickin’ It Old Skool with West Coast IPA: There was a time when, for some folk wary of bitter ales, the term “craft beer” implied hoppy IPAs. The IPA was our ubiquitous style, the ‘cheeseburger’ of craft culture. Entire cities (you, San Diego) built their beer culture around worship of mighty Northwest hops. This issue’s Tasting Panel digs into the not-that-distant but almost-forgotten past to find out how BC’s West Coast IPA scene is faring in today’s era of hazy, sweet and milkshakey brews. Presented by Legacy Liquor Store.

We have plenty of other compelling material for you, including a candid and entertaining look back at their first year of beer and cider festivals from Jeff and Nathaly of Windward Cider. Ted Child rants about an infomercial disguised as a feature film by Anheuser Busch. J. Random and Warren Boyer share some insights related to brewing that will interest any beer fan. This is a pretty deep issue, so dig right in:

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Until next round: sláinte!

F U R T H E R  R E A D I N G

Mariner Venture Blueberry Sour



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