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Central City Winter Cask Festival: what to expect

Have you ever attended Central City’s Cask Festival series? They happen twice a year, Winter and Summer. Any beer enthusiast in the BC Lower Mainland should put this event on their to-do list. Here’s why.

A little perspective

Vancouver cask festivals originated about a dozen years ago in the now-defunct Dix BBQ & Brewery on Beatty Street. CAMRA Vancouver, who would hold their meetings at that location, showed leadership in developing the ‘Caskival’ template for these events. There was a time in our recent history when such festivals were rare, and due to scarcity the entirety of the local craft enthusiast community could be found at any such event. Eventually the Dix Caskivals died along with the brewery itself.

Probably the first brewery to step up and create an ongoing series matching the quality of the legendary Caskivals was Central City, who were hosting a top-notch event by 2008. Over the years, countless great memories have been made at Central City’s Summer and Winter extravaganzas. The people involved in organizing the event have always been amazing hosts, taking good care of the patrons and the brewers attending. The Surrey brewpub’s expansive but channeled layout made for a wide distribution of the many casks available, causing much mingling, socializing and discussion of beer (just as one would experience back at Dix).

As fate would have it, Central City eventually took over the very Beatty Street location where the cask festivals all started. Last year’s Summer festival was held at Dix’s replacement: the new Red Racer Restaurant. See below for photos of what you can expect to see at a Central City event.

Newly reborn

This year’s Winter event, held this Saturday February 18th from 11 – 6 PM, is back at the larger Surrey brewpub, steps away from a Skytrain station. This stunning glass-enclosed facility is where the Central City empire was born, and it’s a place you should see if you haven’t before. Those that make the trip will enjoy the privilege of mingling with staff from the various breweries presenting at the event. This seemingly minor touch actually makes a world of difference in a beer enthusiast’s ability to find out about what they’re drinking. It’s one of the things people love about events like Great Canadian Beer Festival, and it’s new for 2017.

If you come down, stop by the What’s Brewing booth and say hi. See you there!

Central City Winter Cask Festival 2017

Sat, 18 February 2017
11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Central City Brewpub + Restaurant
13450 102nd Avenue, Surrey

Tix $30 includes glass & starter tokens

View the updated details here,

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