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Canadian Beer is Best, says a Belgian

By Nolan Janssens on

Stella Artois or Canadian—which is the better beer? That is not the question. I’m not talking about corporate sponsors. I’m talking about beer. I’ve loved beer since I was six years old. My parents weren’t… Continue Reading

Farmhouse Fest 2017: the breakdown

By What's Brewing Editorial Group on

What's Brewing has been known, in advance of selected beer festivals, to profile an especially tasty taplist review for the sip planning benefit of lucky attendees. Once again we present to you a preview of… Continue Reading

Townsite Brewing

By What's Brewing Editorial Group on

Since opening their doors in 2012, Townsite Brewing of Powell River has become a pivotal member of the BC craft beer community. The Beers Townsite is well known and respected for the creations by their… Continue Reading

West Coast Canning