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A Week of Beer begins in Vancouver…

Win our $420 VCBW Champion Prize Pack

The 10th Annual Vancouver Craft Beer Week kicks off this weekend, and we’ve come up with the ultimate way to mark the occasion. Answer 10 easy multiple choice questions about #TenYearsOfVCBW and you could win our VCBW Champion Pack, with passes to VCBW events worth $420.

Test your knowledge of VCBW to win. Answers will be revealed next week, so you can see what you got right and wrong! Take the quiz now → 

VCBW events lineup might be biggest ever

This year, Vancouver Craft Beer Week has a huge list of events, spread over 10 days (natch; 10 is the magic number this year!).  Check out this news release for one of the biggest lists of events, ever. Well done VCBW!

Check out Ed’s column below and our Featured Events Calendar for some of our personal picks.

Summer Magazine hitting the streets

There’s a new issue of What’s Brewing magazine in the can! (Wait, that’s film talk.) Official release date is June 1st, but If you’re clever and know where to look, you can have yourself a sneak preview.

We’ll save the big announcement and cover story for next week. But here’s our first release from the new mag, courtesy of our Okanagan correspondent, Kim Lawton.

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