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Sometimes being a beer fan can be tough. Your friends make fun of you because you brought Double Dry-Hopped Pineapple Sour Haze to the dinner party. And they’re not allowed to drink anything ending in “Lite Lime.” No wonder they get defensive.

You invite them to a craft beer festival and then blow it by starting them off with a Flanders Red Ale. You wonder why they won’t trust your picks. When you’re spreading the word of good beer, sometimes you just need to slow down and keep it real so the non-geeks can get on board.

Our MC of Awesome Beer Events, Mr. Ed Kaye, also writes for his blog Bring Your Porter to the Slaughter. Once again for 2018 he’s collected a great list of beers to try at the Great Canadian Beer Festival. But this time he’s avoiding the brain-crushing ales and keeping it accessible, at least to start. Thanks Ed!

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