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ne last weekend before it’s back to school, work, and thoughts of fall and then winter. Sorry! Good news: September and October are both awesome for beer, maybe the best time of year.

Massive Fall magazine launches next week

In that spirit, we celebrate the season of harvest with the release of our Fall issue next week. It’s a cornucopia of content: more than 20 stories and features, including some interesting profiles & editorials. Could be our best yet! See for yourself, next week.

It’s Victoria Beer Week-end

Victoria Beer Week may take place in the spring, but thanks to Great Canadian Beer Festival and the crop of events that have sprung up around it, it’s “beer weekend” in Victoria starting next Thursday. See our Events Planner listing below for six more items to add to our Top Ten Reasons to get to GCBF this year.

≫  Enter to win a GCBF Weekend Pass by end of August (that’s tomorrow, do it now!).

Whistler Week’s got six days of beer

Not to be outdone, Whistler Village Beer Festival kicks off the week after GCBF with six (6!) days of festivities. (You get one day off between Victoria and Whistler for travel.) Find out what they’re up to this year: Full Schedule

 HOT TIP: Get 15% off WVBF tickets using promo code WHATSBREWINGGet Tickets

Changes coming to Hopline

Hopline has been around since late 2015, in more or less the same format. Look for a change to a more streamlined format, coming soon. We thank you for reading BC’s weekly craft beer e-news! 



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