Party Bikes Approved In Vancouver

From Canadian Craft Tours

Big thanks to our friends at the City of Vancouver for going through the lengthy process of approving our party bikes. This has been a project that our team at Canadian CraftVancouver Brewery Tours & Vine & Hops have been working on since 2018.

This news comes just in time for Vancouver’s tourism reopening. It may be ambitious but we are aiming for March 17th!

  • Party Bikes are set to soft launch for St. Paddy’s day March 17th for private tours of 8 – 14 guests. Book your seats now!
  • Book Early, Saturdays tend to book up 2-3 weeks early
  • Visit Vancouver Craft Breweries, an urban winery and brewpubs
  • Tours run 2 hours and visit 3 venues
  • Guests drink in the venues, not on the bike (If you want to drink on the bike we can drink on the bike in Calgary)
  • Please no jumping off and on the bike until the bike has come to a complete stop… Thanks Karen

How To | Party Bike Like a Pro:

  1. Assign your group a DJ, DO bring your BFF playlist. Bikes have bluetooth
    DJ: If people are not singing, skip to next song
  2. Show up 15 minutes early, being the person that shows up late and everyone looses valuable drinking time is embarrassing. Who am I kidding we do not wait for late stragglers.
  3. Please wait until the bike has come to a complete stop before jumping off… Thanks Karen… Seriously Karen, I’ve already told you once..
  4. Buy beer pints in bulk. Share tabs with a friend. Order and pay in less than 20 seconds so friends can get in quickly.
  5. Don’t join if you are sick, just if you want to have a sick time. Covid vouchers for guests that may be staying home if sick. Credit vouchers for individuals, not refunds.
  6. If you listen to the safety briefing, there are then no stupid questions. Just people who were talking through the safety briefing…
  7. If you are driving to the pickup spot, please let it be an EVO. Friendly reminder to plan a safe way home.
  8. Be kind and treat our venue partners like best friends it helps the next group have a great time.
  9. Stay in the same seat for the entire tour. Remember that time we adjusted your seat at the beginning? Yea that seat is special for you!
  10. It’s been a hard couple of years on the hospitality industry, show your support. If the guide does not tip the bike, please feel free to tip the guide!


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