König Brewing Systems Enters the Brewery Manufacturing Market

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Not long ago, Beer Me BC reported on the story of veteran brewhouse constructor Newlands Systems and its transition to a brand in the portfolio of a large Dutch manufacturing firm. The old Abbotsford plant’s assets were auctioned off and it seemed as though there was no role for British Columbia in the future of what was an iconic North American brewery fabrication brand.

However, an announcement was made recently that promises to restore some of the metallic shine of former glory days. Newlands’ founder Brad McQuhae is back in business, along with parter Balbir Sidhu, at the helm of startup König Brewing Systems. Their press release follows.

König Brewing Systems

For Immediate Release

A new brewery manufacturer with a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Abbotsford, BC, Canada, Apr. 1, 2019 — König Brewing Systems is formally announcing its entrance into the brewery manufacturing industry. Comprised of veterans and the original leadership from a highly lauded west-coast brewery manufacturer that was driven into the ground. König Brewing Systems will start operations immediately in a custom designed manufacturing facility.

Brad McQuhae and Balbir Sidhu, formerly of Newlands Systems before the acquisition by Diversified Metal Engineering, have begun a new brewery manufacturing and service venture starting immediately. Doing business as König Brewing Systems, Brad and Balbir have been constant servants in the brewery industry for more than a combined 60 years.

König Brewing Systems is open to manufacturing and servicing breweries immediately. König works with customers to custom engineer breweries to meet specific needs. Listening to the customer’s expectations and building a plan around those expectations leads to the best possible outcome. Design, engineer, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning are part of the journey towards a great brewery and König Brewing Systems are experts at each facet.

Outstanding follow-up and service is a key feature to König Brewing Systems company goals. Whether it’s a König brewery or from another manufacturer, we can diagnose and offer solutions to any brewery-related problem. König Brewing Systems will never leave you without support.

König is looking forward to hearing from you!
The König Brewing Systems Team

BC brewing equipment icon Newlands is back in business…sort of


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  1. Driven into ground?
    From what I am hearing , the NSI crew could not manage the most simple of projects.
    Good luck trying again.

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