Kellogg’s Turns Leftover Corn Flakes Into Beer, Everyone Wins

From Vinepair, by Tim McKirdy

Originally posted on 2018-12-06

Big Beer has taken important strides to improve sustainability this year, with brands like Carlsberg and Corona announcing eco-friendly packaging upgrades. The move has not gone unnoticed by Big Cereal, apparently. Kellogg’s announced a collaboration with U.K.-based Seven Bro7thers Brewery to turn leftover corn flakes into beer.

Called “Throw Away IPA,” the release is being brewed at Seven Bro7thers Brewery in Manchester, using corn flakes which are too big, too small, or overcooked to make it to your cereal bowl. According to the Telegraph, 30 percent of the beer’s grain contents are made up of the rejected cereal, with wheat making up the remaining 70 percent.

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