End of an era: Millennials brought about the downfall of one of America’s most iconic beer brands

From Business Insider, by Kate Taylor

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  • Miller Lite topped Budweiser in a list of the top beer brands by US sales in 2017.
  • Budweiser, the “King of Beers” and the top seller in the US until 2001, is now in the No. 4 slot.
  • The beer industry – especially big brands – has been plagued by what analysts have characterized as millennials’ lack of interest.

The “King of Beers” has fallen on some hard times.

Budweiser, once the best-selling beer in America, is no longer in the top three best-selling brands, CNN reports.

Miller Lite beat out Budweiser in US sales in 2017 to earn the No. 3 spot, CNN reported, citing the trade publication Beer Marketer’s Insights. MillerCoors CEO Gavin Hattersley had announced his brand’s triumph in December, saying its position as the “Original Lite Beer” gave it an advantage over Budweiser and Bud Light.

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