Craft Beer Is Perceived Worse If the Brewer Is a Woman, Study on Gender Bias Reveals

From Food & Wine, by Mike Pomranz

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Participants were shown identical labels with only the name changed. That was often enough to sway opinions.

If the concept of craft beer was to be anthropomorphized into a person, it would probably be a guy with a beard. Yes, this is a stereotype, but it’s one based on experience: Even when Conan O’Brien visited the Samuel Adams brewery in Boston, he couldn’t help but comment on how many bearded guys he saw. Of course, it’s one thing to make the observation that more men work in craft breweries than women do. It’s another thing entirely to jump to the assumption that a man can inherently make a beer better than a woman can. And yet, according to a recent study from Stanford University, many people tend to make that logical leap whether they realize it or not.

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