Brewery Uses Machine Learning to Create the Ideal IPA

From Food & Wine, by Mike Pomranz

Charlottesville’s Champion Brewing company recently teamed up with the nearby machine learning company Metis Machine to brew their new ML IPA—a computer’s vision of what should essentially be the ideal IPA. And since the project is based in science, Champion was very specific about what data it chose to feed into the computer.

“We provided the parameters on which IPAs are judged at the Great American Beer Festival (SRM, ABV, IBU) and matched that range with the 10-best-selling IPAs nationally, as well as the 10 worst selling IPAs at a local retailer and Metis came up with the results,” Hunter Smith, owner of Champion Brewing Company said announcing the beer. “We are stoked to be the first to use this method of creating a beer recipe.”

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