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Central City Cask Festival: A Vancouver Craft Beer Story

One of the most exciting developments for 2018 is the return of a great cask festival to Beatty Street, namely Central City’s Summer Cask Festival.

Have you ever attended Central City’s Cask Festival series? They generally happen at least twice a year: Winter and Summer. Any beer enthusiast in the BC Lower Mainland should put this event on their to-do list. Here’s why.

New for 2018: less money, and more beer! The price has been reduced to $30, which includes the first 6 samples. And you get food! It’s also a Summer Fruit and Sour Beer fest, it’s a fundraiser, and CAMRA Vancouver members get a discount, so there are a number of reasons to go! GET TICKETS HERE

A crowd of beer lovers gathers outside for the celebratory cask fest photo, now a Beatty Street tradition

The story of Central City Cask Fest

Vancouver cask festivals originated well over a dozen years ago in the now-defunct Dix BBQ & Brewery on Beatty Street. CAMRA Vancouver, who would hold their meetings at that location, showed leadership in developing the ‘Caskival’ template for these events. There was a time in our recent history when such festivals were rare, and due to scarcity the entirety of the local craft enthusiast community could be found at any such event. Eventually the Dix Caskivals died along with the brewery itself.

Probably the first brewery to step up and create an ongoing series matching the quality of the legendary Caskivals was Central City Brewing, who were hosting a top-notch event at their original Whalley location by 2008. Over the years, countless great memories have been made at Central City’s Summer and Winter extravaganzas. The people involved in organizing the event have always been amazing hosts, taking good care of the patrons and the brewers attending. The Surrey brewpub’s expansive but channeled layout made for a wide distribution of the many casks available, causing much mingling, socializing and discussion of beer (just as one would experience back at Dix).

As fate would have it, Central City eventually took over that same Beatty Street location for their downtown brewpub! Now Vancouver beer festival lovers can enjoy amazing casks back where it all started.

See below for photos of what you can expect to see at a Central City event.


Central City Summer Cask Festival

Sunday June 24, 2018
12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Central City Brewpub
871 Beatty Street, Vancouver

Tix: $30
Available at EventBrite


  • At least 25 casks!
  • 6 beer tokens! (Additional tokens $1.50 ea)
  • Summer Beer theme: fruit & sours
  • Finger Food! Canapés will be served. One food token included.
  • Souvenir Glass
  • CAMRA Vancouver members get a discount. $25 to enter

Breweries Expected

Enjoy casks from these and more:

Coal Harbour
Electric Bike
Foamers Folly
Howe Sound
Moon Under Water
Old Yale
Red Truck
Strange Fellows
Trading Post

Stay tuned to Facebook for more details:



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