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Kelowna’s Emerging Beer Districts, Part I

By Beer Seekers
With five breweries within essentially a one-block radius, Kelowna’s North End is the new BC brewery cluster to rival Port Moody Brewer’s Row. Then, with 15 breweries and counting in city limits, Kelowna has as many breweries as Yeast Van. If you’re on the fence about a BC beer staycation in the Okanagan, start packing.
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Coping With COVID in Kelowna: BNA Brewing

By What's Brewing
Kelowna is in the news this week, and not in a good way. But for every story about poor pandemic choices, there are others trying to get the message out to be responsible. Have you heard of restaurant and tasting room customers asking staff to remove their masks? BNA Brewing Co.'s Marketing Director Jill Jarrett shares some compelling, candid insights into the need for self-control on the part of the very clientele that BNA depends on for survival.
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