7800 Saison by Townsite Brewing


townsite saisonSpring is in the air.

7800 Saison:  noun: 1. the distance as the cuckoo flies between our brewer’s home town in Belgium and Powell River; 2. a delicious Belgian style saison
Touted as one of 2015’s six most influential beers in BC  ‘This beer helped to establish the demand for both Belgian-styled beers and more specifically the saison’ decrees Dustin Sept, author and founder of BeermeBC.

This delicious spring sipper is back and it is bullet proof when pairing with food, so pick your favourite patio; order a variety of appetizers to share and enjoy!

Look for it in select private liquor stores on the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver, Vancouver Island and, of course, at the brewery store. But hurry! This is brewed in limited quantities.


OG: 13.5 PLATO
FG: 2.0
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 28
NEXT UP: We made a sour version too!

SALES INQUIRIES – Michelle Zutz 604.223.3064  or [email protected]

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