2020 Gifts for the Beer Lover

From Ale Sessions

Sometimes we need a bit of help with gift ideas.

Buying for the craft beer lover can be hard; whether they’re just getting into craft beer or have spent years dedicated to the craft, beer lovers tend to be picky. That being said, there are some universal truths that apply to all beer lovers: they like trying new things, they like their beer cold (mostly) and of course they love their local scene.

So with those truths in mind, we’ve put together some ideas to help you find the perfect gift for the beer lover on your list this year.

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  1. Looking for a great gift idea … am in Kamloops and have been a beer drinker for over 50 years. This summer I began experimenting with various craft beers, including a monthly 12 pac (via mail) from Ontario breweries that my wife brought me for birthday (Amazing Clubs). A good gift! Lately, I went into our local Govt. Liquor store, which has a great selection of BC craft brews, including Red Racer. I’d tried a few of their beers and enjoyed all. I’d also asked about an Advent Calendar mixed craft beer selection that my wife had bought for me a couple of years ago. They did have one, but unfortunately had sold out within a few days! Anyway, the manager mentioned that he was getting in another Advent selection in the coming days which was produced by Red Racer out to Vancouver. When I bought same, which had six different types of beer x 4 – a 24 pack of big cans – 500ml called a “Holiday House Party”, I was more than pleasantly surprised. Apart from the 2 types that I’d previously tried, the other 4 were just as good, especially the one called “Hazy Pale Ale” – a most excellent taste! Will probably buy another 24 before they run out … am sure there’s other out there that have tried the various Advent Calendar beer packs, but trouble is, can’t wait for the 24 days as after 1, just have to have 2,3, …

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