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What’s Brewing Fall 2019

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About This Issue

Fall 2019’s 48 pages contain 17 stories and features, including:

  • Cover Story: Destination:Exploration | Page 20
    The What’s Brewing Biography features Mariner Brewing. Find out how some crafty young science fans are charting a course to beer discovery.
  • Kickin’ It Old Skool with West Coast IPA  | Page 24
    The Tasting Panel dials back the clock to when you could see through your IPA.
  • The Death of the Growler…and my part in its downfall | Page 11
    Adam Chatburn sees dwinding sales of growlers, and recalls a key negotiation which may have affected the format’s fate.
  • How To Name A Brewery by Leif Miltenberger | Page 13
    Managing Partner at Hired Guns Creative presents a branding guide and an amazing interactive BC brewery list.
  • Is Craft Beer Still Growing? by Dustan Sept | Page 18
    The founder of Beer Me BC takes a closer look at BC breweries & beer volume growth.

As well as these insights:

  • What Style is This Beer Again? Beer Contamination by J. Random
  • Festival Follies: An In-Cider’s View by Jeff Nairn
  • Taiwan’s Craft Beer Comes of Age by Brian K. Smith
  • Oh, Ontario! by the BeerSeekers
  • The Kveik Way to Ferment Beer: Warren Boyer and Dave Henry look at 2019’s hottest yeast trend
  • What’s Brewing Goes to the Movies: two beer documentary reviews by Ted Child

Plus these BC Beer Updates:

  • John Mitchell: Celebration of Life recap
  • Beers, Beaches & Breweries: Okanagan update by Kim Lawton
  • Northern BC Craf-tacular by Adam Arthur
  • Out & About with Scottie McLellan
  • The Hopline: Fall Events Calendar by Ed Kaye

Tell your friends! Then open a brew, kick back and read about craft beer. Check it out!

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