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The Triumphant Return of Victoria Beer Week

By Ted Child
After two long years, April 2022 marked the triumphant return of Victoria Beer Week. Many brewers, owners, and industry heavyweights were present, happy to chat and eager to show off their new brews. Humans are social beings and beer is the great facilitator of socialising and community. If there is a beer event being held near you, I would suggest you take a chance and go, because if it is anything like Victoria Beer Week 2022 was for me, you won’t regret it.
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Victoria Caledonian: Distilling success at one of BC’s hidden gem breweries

By Beer Seekers
Last month, just before the world changed, two members of the What’s Brewing team stopped by the Victoria Caledonian Distillery & Twa Dogs Brewery. We learned a few things about this underestimated member of BC’s craft beverage clan that are worth sharing. * Featuring an interview with founder Dr. Graeme Macaloney *
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Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub

By Navin Autar
Canada’s first purpose-built gastro brewpub brings you Victoria’s largest selection of traditionally crafted brews and pub fare with a local twist. A covered & heated waterfront patio, a dining & taproom with a view, a place to spend the night, growler fills and menu of local seasonal fare makes Spinnakers an essential taste of Victoria.
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Seven Years of Victoria Beer Week: A Conversation With Joe Wiebe

By What's Brewing
Victoria Beer Week debuted in 2014 as a celebration of modern beer culture in Canada’s original craft beer town. To find out more about what to expect at some of this year’s events, we connected with BC beer writer and longtime VBW team member Joe Wiebe.
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