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In Profile: Michael Lewis & Three Ranges Brewing

By What's Brewing
It all started with owner Michael Lewis’ first trip to the mountains of Valemount, when he found himself thinking, “This place is amazing, but what does one do for work?” Rundi, his wife said, “You drink enough beer, why don’t you make it?” It became their long term dream, and in 2013 it became their brewery.
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Three Ranges Brewing

By Navin Autar
At Three Ranges Brewing Company we brew the beers we like to drink. We use the finest ingredients we can find, sourced as locally as possible, to make the biggest flavour beers we can.
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Roaming the Beer Frontier in Northern BC

By Beer Seekers
Last year we did a really comprehensive tour of the Okanagan and Interior that we documented in a giant 3-part series called Staycation BC. At that point, we had been to most regions of BC for beer. This time we planned to cover the final frontier: Northern BC, home to a string of pearls along Yellowhead Highway 16.
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Fathers of BC Brewing

By Chloe Smith
I have noticed a trend in articles written about women in the beer industry, and it falls into an archetype that I don't think entirely applies anymore. When we talk about women, we almost always talk about motherhood. Why don't we talk about our industry's men as fathers?
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