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Getting Reel in Kelowna with Susi Foerg

By Lundy Dale
From the first time I read about Susi Foerg back in 2017, I was I intrigued! The owner and operator of the now one-year old Rustic Reel Brewing Co. seemed different, as did her approach to opening a brewery. It was a woman’s approach.
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Persephone Brewing Company

By Navin Autar
Persephone Brewing Co. (pronounced per-SEF-uh-nee) is dedicated to quality of life, quality beer and quality of the ingredients that go into the production of craft-brewed beer.
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Coastal Currents

By Paddy Treavor
Since becoming involved with the Campaign for Real Ale Society of BC (CAMRA BC) about seven years ago, there are many things I am proud of being involved with related to advocating for changes to be made to BC liquor policies on behalf of the BC craft beer consumers and, at times, the craft beer industry.
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Townsite Brewing

By What's Brewing

Since opening their doors in 2012, Townsite Brewing of Powell River has become a pivotal member of the BC craft beer community. The Beers Townsite is well known and respected…

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