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JAK’s Beer Wine Spirits

By Navin Autar
At JAK’s, we want everyone to feel like a part of the family with outstanding customer service, unique product selection, and a community-first experience.
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Lansdowne Central Liquor Store

By Dave Smith
From renowned VQA wines to perfectly smooth scotch and everything in between, Lansdowne Liquor Store either has it in store, or can order it for you.
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What’s NOT Brewing: Putting a Name To Craft Cider

By Jeff Nairn
A quick visit to your favourite liquor store reveals the confusion around cider: is it proper craft cider or not? It’s unfortunate that cider drinkers have to rifle through the alco-pop selection to get to their favourite craft cider. Even more unfortunate is that cider is still categorized among these Ready To Drink (RTD) beverages by the taxation overlords of our alcohol distribution and sales monopoly in the province.
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