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Cider vs. Cider II: A BC Craft Cider Showdown

By What's Brewing
  • March 24, 2020
Every three months, What’s Brewing gets together with JAK’S Liquor Stores to create a new installment of our Tasting Panel series. Just over a month ago, for the second time ever, we reviewed a batch of BC Craft Ciders! JAK’S took us on a wild ride of cider styles, including the ones seen here. Some of these ciders are available for home delivery. Check out who took our blue ribbon in our Spring Tasting Panel:
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Homebrew Happenin’s: Making Hard Cider From Juice

By Warren Boyer
  • September 21, 2017
Last summer I noticed many new BC craft ciders appearing on the market. My wife isn't particularly fond of beer but enjoys a nice cider, so I ended up purchasing many bottles over the summer and it got me thinking about making some cider of my own. I
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