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To submit a story to What’s Brewing, simply write ac.gniwerbstahwobfsctd@rotide.

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WB originated as newsletter, and as such, has always provided a list of coming events and community goings-on. Are you a member or leader of a beer-related organization? Pass along any information you want made public and we’ll put it in. You can use the contact form at the right, or simply write ac.gniwerbstahwobfsctd@rotide.

Why write about beer?

Craft beer is a lifestyle pursuit. One of the things that many people notice they like to do after making new beer discoveries is to share their thoughts. Modern social media makes simple sharing easily accessible, but sometimes people want to express a thought or story that requires more than a tweet, perhaps in the form of brewery reviews, tasting notes, travel stories, or even business, political or community beer news. This leads to “beer writing”.

It’s quite easy to become a blogger, but that doesn’t make it any simpler to gain an audience. Many potential bloggers don’t bother to get started, because there are already so many blogs and they’d have to make a huge noise in order for anyone but their close friends to notice. We have a platform which eases that burden.

Sometimes people don’t share their thoughts because they feel that nobody would want to read them. If you are one of those people, you are a suppressed writer. Suppress yourself no longer. Unleash your immortal dissertation in the direction of ac.gniwerbstahwobfsctd@rotide. Fear not any lack of penmanship; we’re happy to help in that regard and we proudly maintain a 0% rejection rate.

How long should my article be?

As long as you like. We’ll handle it. However, a general guideline is that we can fit 600+ words per page.

Other Questions

See our FAQ for Writers and Contributors.

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