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What’s Brewing is laid out at letter size per below.

AD SIZE Width Height Bleed to add
Business Card ad (1/8 page) 3.6 ” 2.3 ” N/A
Quarter Page ad 3.6 ” 4.85 ” N/A
Half Page horizontal 7.5 ” 4.85 ” N/A
Half Page vertical 3.6 ” 10 ” N/A
Full Page no bleed (“safety area”)
* only use this size if you are NOT doing bleed
7.5 ” 10 ” N/A
Full Page with bleed
* use THIS size if you’re doing bleed
(Back Cover and Inside Front Cover must use this option)
8.5 ” plus bleed 11 ” plus bleed 1/8 ” each side

Ad rates page is here

Artwork Files

The best format for artwork is a high quality print-ready PDF:

  • Choose Press Quality if in doubt
  • Standard minimum 300 dpi
  • To avoid font issues, embed all fonts or convert to outlines
  • If submitting full bleed, please provide trim marks
  • Back cover: must be CMYK. Other ads: colour format can be CMYK, though this point is not critical*
  • Deliver all files, using a file transfer service as appropriate, to [email protected]

Colour & B/W

Design your ad in colour. But also print a test in in black & white. If that test looks poor, you may want to set up an alternate version in B/W for print.

Why? Our digital magazine is full colour. If you’re familiar with our printed magazine, you may know us as a black and white publication, but you’ll want to submit your work in colour. Ocasionally some clients will also submit a B/W version when they feel their ad’s colours might not punch through with enough contrast in grayscale. Be careful especially with “medium” colours like red and brown.

Tech tip about colour: our digital magazine is output (using InDesign) in RGB format. Our print version is CMYK, but printed B/W except front/back cover. We generally have good results with artwork in any colour format, so just send what you have.

Creative Services

Not ready to create your own ad? What’s Brewing is available to provide artwork creation services, or convert your existing files to our format. Your options are:

1. Adjust your existing artwork (no charge)

Do you have artwork that you’ve used in other publications, posters or flyers? Provide us the source files, and we will adjust your artwork to fit our layout (closest applicable full or half page size) at no charge.

2. Logo only, with message (no charge)

Send us your print-quality logo file, a message of your choice, and we will set up a simple display ad. You may then submit corrections (but not creative requests or other imagery).

3. Custom Artwork Creation

To create a more impressive custom ad from scratch, we will apply our very reasonable artwork charge of $100-$250, depending on eventual labour time. Send us any high-resolution product shots or raw materials desired, and we’ll provide a design and two further revisions as required.



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