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Vancouver, Penticton top Canadian beer list | What’s Brewing scores for Canada

Hey there! Lots to tell you. First, as you may have heard, we’ve got a new magazine out. There’s a great profile of longtime BC brewer Iain Hill in there by 15-year WB contributor J. Random; really worth reading. Preview below.

Vancouver, Penticton top list of Canada’s Best Beer Towns 

Once again, Expedia has come out with their list of top beer towns in the nation. See if you agree. The four from BC they picked are all definitely legit. Some others, maybe not so much, as noted in our Editor’s Take. More here.

What’s Brewing scores World Top 10 spot

More awards! Well-known Internet content aggregator Feedspot has started a new global category called “Top 10 Beer Magazines And Ezines To Follow in 2018.” Lo and behold, your favourite BC beer magazine is included, right up there with stalwarts like DRAFT Magazine and All About Beer. We’re the only Canadian representative. Pretty daunting! More on this here.

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