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Hopline spotlights U-Brews, Andina & Beeronomics, and debuts some new features

Some new features make their debut in this week’s Hopline. You might already be familiar with our now-regular sections like Story Of The Week, From The Magazine (you know we have an actual magazine, right? Check.) and Upcoming Exbeeriences, our weekly curated beer events preview by Ed Kaye. Turns out, the same hardworking Mr. Kaye also runs a blog called Bring Your Porter To The Slaughter (if you’re a fan of bottle shares and 80s hard rock, you’ll get the reference), where he keeps a running list of new BC beer releases. It’s pretty epic, to the point that some liquor stores follow it so they’ll know what to buy. Starting this week, we’re sharing the latest releases with you under the heading What’s Been Brewing.

Subscribe to Ed’s blog to stay up to date on delicious new beers hitting the shelves, or just sit back and wait for the Hopline to deliver the list right into your lap (as in laptop—or maybe your back pocket, if that’s where you keep your email reading thingy).

Also newly tacked on for 2019 are a couple of features from our partner site, Beer Me BC. Scroll down to Brews Reviews to see which beverages were recently evaluated by Lundy “The Legend” Dale and team on BC’s premier beer review website. And if you’re in the craft beer industry—or would like to be—watch for the latest job opportunities in our Beer Careers section.

Let us not forget a tradition we’ve newly tweaked. Community In Profile is the section where we talk about the heroes behind BC craft beer. It’s just the kind of stuff we love to bring you in our magazine and on our website. This week, we get to know Head Brewer Ben Greenberg of Andina Brewing Company. Scroll down for a preview, then go find out what Ben’s been brewing up at one of Yeast Van’s most distinctive breweries.

OK, that’s enough of a walk-through. Time to dive right in, and let the content speak for itself.


– Dave Smith, Editor

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