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A New Season Brings New Beginnings!

With the passing of Labour Day weekend comes harvest time, and a new season for many in school and in business. This year, Fall also heralds some new things for The Hopline, including a change in how we bring you BC’s Weekly Craft Beer Newsmagazine.

We’ve streamlined the design of our newsletter, and we’ve changed the way it works. Instead of just an email, the Hopline is now also a web page, acting as an ongoing portal summarizing the latest in BC craft beer news & events. Where is this web page? Why, at

There’s always a lot to say about BC craft beer, but we recognize that not everybody wants to get a giant email in their inbox about it. So we’ll send you a tidy note every Thursday with a summary of what to expect in the full, online Hopline–where you will still find the Event Planner calendar listing and other features you’re accustomed to over the past 3 years.

New Magazine, New Mobile Feature

Our spanking-new Fall 2018 magazine has the most content we’ve ever stuffed into a magazine. But there’s a new, mobile-friendly way to enjoy some of it. Check out our trio of stories called The Strange Fellows Hat Trick, which come in a nifty new phone-readable format. Same with our back-to-back coverage of Contract Brewing with Adam Chatburn and Ken Beattie.

It’s the time of year to celebrate hops, so check out HOP FIGHT: our spotlight of some of BC’s hottest IPAs. Find the entire new magazine online here.

25 Years of Beers

Another thing this time of year brings is Canada’s longest-running beer festival. Since 1993, a quarter century ago, Great Canadian Beer Festival has been a date to look forward to, and Beerfest looks to be a good one this year. If you’re able to come join the fun, check out some tips from the mighty Mr. Ed Kaye, next.

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