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Central City’s Surrey Taphouse For Sale

Back in November, Central City Brewers & Distillers announced the temporary closure of both the Red Racer Taphouse in Vancouver, and the Central City Taphouse in Surrey. COVID’s affect on the hospitality industry was cited as the primary reason. 

It seems the closure of the Surrey location has now become permanent, as the business has been listed on for $98,000 with a lease of approximately $35,500 a month.

It’s pretty sad, because Central City started out as a brewpub in this very location, back in 2003. The end of an Era.

Untappd reveals the Best of 2020

Untappd is the world’s most popular beer review app and each year they release stats on the top rated and most popular beers and breweries of the year.

This year’s most checked-in beer was Guinness Draught, with 164,936 check-ins, which is nearly 50,000 more than its closest competitor, Punk IPA from Brew Dog, which just beat out Corona. The list also includes such beers as Heineken, Miller Lite, and Stella Artois. What the hell? Who is going to a bar, buying a Miller Lite, and reaching for their phone to check it in? I’m so confused!

The list of top breweries is a little less depressing at least, with Brewdog taking the top spot, followed by Other Half and Treehouse. I mean, it’s basically a list of all the most commercial craft breweries and all the hazy boi breweries, so maybe I take that back.

Hoppy New Year

I’m not going to lie, I had a hard time finding anything to put in this week’s piece, because basically nothing happens in the weird void between Christmas and New Year. I imagine most of you are getting ready to start your year-end celebrations by now, so please be responsible. If you go out, please make it easy on the servers and plan your trip home without drink driving. If you are staying home, why not order in from a local restaurant and help them out during this slower-than-normal year. Oh yeah, remember that the liquor stores close at 8 pm, so you better go now!

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